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There is a clear distinction between the traveller and the tourist. The tourist experience is superficial and ephemeral. The traveller develops a deeper connection with their surroundings. They stay longer, make their own plans and try and find out what it might be like to actually live in the place they are visiting. They ignore tourists menus and chase down the scent of rough edged locals and fresh fish. They try and unlock the cities secrets in a way that can only be done with patience and considered wandering. A traveller, becomes, for a brief time , a part of their destinations history. Instead of just consuming what is offered up to them, they consume and "give back" at the same time careful not to break the harmony and rhythm that helped them fall in love with their destination in the first place . Experiences of travelers are valuable to other travellers, like good stories are valuable to writers. Here we have tried to create a collection of travelers stories from around the world in hopes a creating a more vibrant picture of the cities our hostels call home.

이봐, 한국인이면 일단 클릭하자.

이봐, 한국인이면 일단 클릭하자.
스페인, 포르투갈 모든 오아시스 호스텔을 다녀온 여행자들의 이야기!
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Dalton Campbell - Just Go

Greetings! I am a Texas based photographer. Two months ago I decided the life I was living was not big enough. I sold everything but my camera and moved to Europe. I have one goal. Photograph the wonderful people around the world. Share my journey. Oh shit and visit my portfolio to see my full collection of work.

Come Sleep with us and then write about it!
Aspiring writers? Have a Travel Blog ? Maybe you want to try your hand at travel writing? Come and experience our "SleepWriters" program. Sometimes a city is best enjoyed by the outsider. There is something to be said about visiting a place for the first time. The buildings look more magnificent, the smells more pungent and the drinks all the more intoxicating. At Oasis we want to try and portray our cities as they are and hope that like us other will come to love them and want to spread the word. While our local perspective is valuable we want to see and hear about the city from you.

How it works?
We provide a place to sleep for free and you provide the words or photos. We want people from various backgrounds and languages. Whether your passion is food, architecture, adventure, or nature come and write about your passion in our cities. Even if your passion is soaking up the nightlife and writing with a hangover we welcome that as well. Basically it's up to you what you want to write about and how. To apply just send us a cover letter with the city or cities you would like to write about (must be a city where we have an Oasis property) and what your idea is. Photographers welcome. Maybe your a bit shy with words but behind a lens you're a ninja. If you have a blog already include the url ,if not then just send us a sample of your writing or photos. If you don't have any samples then head out to your favorite place wherever you are and start writing or shooting! Please send all inquiries to  damian@hostelsoasis.com.