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Seville Hostel Group Booking

At Oasis Backpackers Palace Hostel in Seville we understand that every group is different and so are their needs.  Whether you a have a large group or small group, we don't have a fixed group plan,  Here in Seville we try to tailor our offers specifically to each group request we get.  We offer a unique budget experience for all types of groups. Book your group in Oasis Backpackers Palace Seville and you are the rock star and we'll be  your groupies taking care of your groups every need.

Best group accommodation in Seville

Booking for a group of 10 people or more for Seville? Seville has all the great things Madrid and Barcelona have been trying to leave behind for decades - siestas, bullfights, tapas, flamenco - and it is incredibly sexy and beautiful for it. A city where people are united by tapas and divided by football and where the ghosts of Spain walk the streets, be they fictional, like Don Juan and Carmen or historical, like Cervantes and Columbus. Oasis Hostel in Seville is great for dance groups, university groups, gastro-tourists, history groups and just about everything in between. Bring your Group to Seville and lets up put the Polka in your dots!

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Why book your Group with Oasis Hostels?

Our small dedicated "Oasis Groupies" team is here to take the stress out of making a group booking. We can specially tailor accommodation and services that are prefect for you and your group. Whether you are  a university group, Sports group, or just a large bunch of people that would rather spend time enjoining one of our cities than worrying about every little detail then Oasis Hostel Groups is perfect for you.

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Tired of reading and just want to get a free quote?  Send us a request now and you'll have your answer within the next 24hrs guaranteed. Click here to go directly to our booking form or email us at  Hope to see you soon!


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Toledo Hostel Group Booking

Toledo was once the capital of Spain and it's architectual and cultural soup make it one of the most photogenic places in Iberia, for those who really get to know it. It's relaxing atmosphere, wild beauty and mouth watering food make it a choice destination for adventure groups, food lovers, and architectural groups. Cheaper than Madrid and more Romantic than Salamanca, Toledo is a great home base for groups wanting to explore Spain and it's cultural delights. Oasis Hostel in Toledo is a great budget option for all types of groups.

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Best accommodation for groups in Malaga

Booking for a group of 10 people or more for Malaga? At the Oasis you will find an extremely well-equipped, superbly furnished hostel amidst the exciting city of Malaga. Malaga is perfect for Stag / Hen parties, weekend beach excursions with old classmates, catching La Liga action with a group of football fanatics or language groups looking to practice their Español. Whatever your group requirement is Oasis Hostels has you covered.


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Best accommodation for groups in Granada

Booking for a group of 10 people or more for Granada? Let Oasis Hostel in Granada help you and your group enjoy your stay tucked away amongst the cobblestones of the Albaicín, one of Andalusia's most storied neighborhoods. Granada is perfect for group ski trips,language groups, school groups, food lovers, history groups and much more. Let us know what you and your group are looking for and sit back and relax while we do the rest.

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When your group stays with Oasis you can expect a clean, safe, fun place to rest your multiple heads. Besides our great facilities you and your group members will be looked after by our world famous staff. For a complete list of FAQ's and Terms and conditions click here or download our printer friendly Oasis "Groupies" Terms and conditions guide.
Group Booking Specials and Offers

If your group is Travelling to more than one city in Spain or Portugal where we have properties or wants to include activities and tours let us know and we'll come up with a discounted price or special to keep your group happy. Contact us with your request at

Best accommodation for groups in Lisbon

Booking for a group of 10 people or more for Lisbon? Great weather, beaches, lush vegetation and intense nightlife make this a perfect destination for Oasis "groupies." Oasis Hostel in Lisbon is great for architecture groups, surf trips, university groups or nightlife excursions. Whatever type of group you have Oasis hostel in Lisbon has many types of accommodation for whatever you need. You're the rock star and we're your "groupies" waiting on your every demand.

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