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  • Oh Breakfast

Why isn't breakfast free?

Travellers are smart!   At Oasis Hostel Malaga we want our guests to make as many decisions as possible.  Instead of choosing all sorts of "free" services to offer you and then charging you for them in our bed price.  We prefer that you decide what to pay for and we keep our bed price lower than any other competitor in town.  We also believe that if we are going to offer something we are going to do it right.  If you want breakfast at Oasis we won't put out some stale bread and cereal, we'll let you choose one of our amazing breakfast options for 3€.  If you don't want our breakfast, no problem.  Spend the money you saved by booking with us however you want.  

Rehab Picasso
Get some energy flowing back into your body with our famous scrambled eggs, oven baked bread, and regional honey. accompanied with fresh orange juice and coffee.

Morning After
Kill that hangover with a healthy start to your headached filled day with
Muesli, natural yogurt,anvassortment of seasonal fresh fruit, and oven baked bread. Accompanied by fresh orange juice and coffee.

Miniature Bullfight
Start your day off a little local with select cuts of local ham and cheese. served with a small fresh vegetabl salad dressed with regional olive oil and balsamic vinegar, finished off with fresh orange juice and coffee