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Malaga Activities

At Oasis Hostel in Malaga, we believe that it's important that our guests feel not only what it's like to stay in a city but what its like to actually to live in it! Our World Famous staff and receptionist have put their years of knowledge together to creat these "Malaguenian" activities and events to give you a true Local experience.  We admit that we also like to have a "good time" and alot of our activities are also of a drinking nature.   Our Staff does alot of tours for free and a small tip in exchange for a smile would help them with chicken and beer money!  See Malaga or Die!

Free Malaga Walking Tour

Come with us on our Free Malaga walking tour starting from the Oasis Backpackers Hostel to all the main sites of Malaga – plus a few hidden places that not even Anotnio Banderas (malaga Native) knows about.  The tour is free but if you feel your guide did a job worthy  of a few tapas and some beer money please feel free to tip.

| Old Town | Teatro Cervantes | Plaza Merced | Roman Theatre | Central Market | Alcazába
  & more...

1 Knowledgeable local guide

1 City

Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat  Meet at reception 10h50 (leaves at 11h)  FREE

Oh Beer Olympics

Quien Es El Campeon?

Malaga is Home to Antonio Banderas and Pablo Picasso now its home to something even more famous.  The Oasis Beer Olympics!  The Beer Olympics is a contest of strength, endurance without equal.   Flip cup, Beer pong and a 1 meter funnel combine to create an formidable obstacle course of inebriation.   Come and test your skills against the best and find out who will be the Champion.

1   Beer Funnel
1   Beer Pong Table
2   Officials
30 Litres of Beer
1   Champion

Meet at the bar next to reception every Wed  21h30  5€


Malaga Tapas Tour and Flammenco

A true Local Malaga Tapas Excursion!  Authentic places that guidebooks fear and tourists rarely discover. In all four stops , friendly locals are ready to fill you up with  tasty Tapas,  a couple of beers, a flamenco show and the kind of stories you won't tell your children. Ever!

1 Semi-sober Guide
1  Old School Bodega
1 "Vino Dulce"
3  "hole in the wall" Local tapas bars
1 Flamenco Show
4 Beers / Wines
1 Full  stomach and 1 Unforgettable Night

Thurs  meet at reception @ 19h30 15€

Eat, Drink and Curse like a Spaniard

Homemade Spanish Tapas, Sangria and a small language course.  One of our chefs will prepare and explain a true Spanish feast featuring a table full of tortilla, Jamón, chorizo, patatas bravas, boquerones and whatever else comes to our crazy little minds.  Before eating spend some quality time with our chef as he gives class on survival spanish.   While you may not end the night fluent in Spanish, at least you'll be able to order a beer, pick up a local and tell the police to "stop busting your balls:"

1 Spanish culinary expert
1 table full of Spanish tapas
1 short Spanish class
3 jars of sangria

every Mon in the hostel.  20h30  7.50€



Malaga Pub Crawl

A hangover worth having! We hate "Pub Crawls" – but we love bars & bars love us too. Let our large accumulation of hangovers be your guide on a night-tour that will give you an excuse to miss your train the next morning

2 Guides
1 Welcome Shot 
1 Hour All-you-can-drink (beer, sangria)
3 Bars
1 Free Entrance to Club
1 Hangover

Tues, Fri & Sat Meet at the Bar next to reception  23h30

Bring on the Beaches!

Bring on the Beaches!

Take a tour to one of Malaga's best beaches, Pedregalejo with our own local "superstar"  who goes by the name of Gorka.  Let the man, the myth and the legend  take you to his favorite sun spot along the coastline of Malaga and get to know the cities beach culture, while enjoying the sun, a few drinks and a specially prepared picnic.

1 Local Guide
1 Picnic Lunch
1 Bag full of Beach toys
1 Cooler full of Beer
1 Amazing Sun Tan

Mon  Meet at Reception 14h

Learn to make Paella

Learn how to prepare an authentic Paella that will impress all your friends back home.   Let our Chef show you the secrets of this traditional beach seafood and rice dish, cooked outdoors in our oversized Paella Pan.   Once you have mastered this fine Spanish Art, sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour with other travellers.  Lots of Sangria and Lots of Fun

1 Spanish Chef
1 Paella Pan
1 Class
1 Enourmous Feast

Fri  meet in the patio 20h