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    Great weather, beaches, lush vegetation and intense nightlife. Oasis Hostel in Lisbon is your budget accommodation in the center of Lisbon with rooms for every type of traveller. At Oasis Hostel in Lisbon you will find everything you need while on the road.

The Story of a "real" Lisbon hostel. Cheap Beds, Dirty Fun and Clean Rooms!

Oasis Hostel in Lisbon is a hostel in the real sense of the word. A hostel should be a hostel. We don't think that it should be a boutique hotel designed by Philippe Stark. A hostel should be cheap and in the best location of the city, within walking distance of everything worth seeing. A hostel should have staff that go out of their way for every traveller, not because we want better ratings but because it is what good people do.

Besides having free wi-fi, lockers, and other standard services, a hostel should be clean, and most importantly a hostel should be cool but in the classic sense of the word like Mickey Rourke or Paul Newman, unique in personality that never goes out of style. A Hostel, more than a place to sleep should be a place that helps you feel what it's like to actually live in a city and not just stay in it. Our local and international staff are all Lisbon Lovers and use their wealth of information and personalities to show you their Lisbon with their eyes. We have activities, led by our staff that will let you truly come to know Lisbon and those who make it special. From local food tours, street art tours, all day adventures to experiences that guide books fear and tourists rarely see, our activities will leave you feeling Portuguese.

Above all, a hostel should be social. In Oasis Lisbon Hostel with our bar, dinners and special events we go out of our way to make sure that we are the place to meet other interesting travelers to share your experiences with and if sometimes you wake up with a hangover as a token of our hospitality, all the better. Oasis Hostels are good for you!

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