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Surely you want to do some planning before hitting the road. Here is a list of our best tips & tricks on travelling and some information about our wonderful city of Toledo.

Oasis Backpackers' Hostels in Spain and Portugal

Oasis Hostels in Spain and Portugal
Oasis Granada set in a beautiful Corrala in the middle of the ancient Arabic Quarter
Oasis Malaga right next to the Museum Thyssen, Cathedral and Picasso Museum
Oasis Sevilla in Plaza Encarnación- Seville's brand new arquitectural must-see
Oasis Lisbon on the Mirador Santa Catarina with the best city and river view
Oasis Palace  400m from the central station in the city center lies our beautiful Palace
Oasis Urban Lounge - Holiday apartments Sevilla directly in the city center

Toledo "Institutions" that we are proud to work with

sala pícaro

Sala pícaro
Great nightlife right outside our door


Circulo de Arte - Toledo

Circulo de Arte Toledo
Party with God - An amazing gallery/café/disco space inside an old church


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