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Oasis… Always Original always Unique
Hostels in Seville, Granada, Malaga, Toledo and Lisbon

10 years ago Oasis Hostels started with an idea. Travel is fun and meeting people along the way makes it even even more fun. We wanted to create a place that as travelers, we would like to stay. We wanted to have a cheap but comfortable bed but we also wanted something more. We wanted a place with free wireless internet, which back then was like finding a camel in the center of Paris. We wanted a place smack in the center of the city, close to all the nightlife and culture we could possibly drink up in a few nights. We wanted a place with personality, where the owners and staff knew and cared about their city and were proud to be "unofficial ambassadors" of its culture and inhabitants. We wanted a place that had been designed to be timelessly cool not giving in to trends. A place where one night we could stay holed up in the hostel bar and get to know people from around the world who would introduce us to new music, new ideas and makes us laugh and the next night brush up against true locals who would show us "the best way to cook a sardine" while getting piss drunk on alcohol we could barely pronounce. Times have changed since we first opened. Most of the services we looked for back then are now standard options for any serious hostel. Hostels are now owned by large companies who treat the actual business of service as a secondary matter. Oasis started as an independent owner-operated and operated group of unique and local hostels and ten years later we still are. Even after all this time Oasis hostels still stand out as the best in their cities. We chose to build hostels in Lisbon, Granada, Seville, Toledo & Malaga not because the market told us to but because we fell in love with these cities and wanted to live in them. Oasis Hostels as a group cannot be given a name or tag, leaving us free from inessential labels and allowing us the opportunity to just be ourselves. While each of our hostels have their own unique personality based on the staff and city they are found in, you'll know you're in an Oasis hostel. Oasis is Social. Oasis is different. Oasis is Fun and Local. Oasis… Where we still believe in travel.

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Oasis Hostel Life in Lisbon - A hostel should be cheap, clean and above all else...Fun.