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Oasis Backapckers Hostels

Oasis Hostel Life in Lisbon - A hostel should be cheap, clean and above all else...Fun.
Oasis Hostel


Oasis Seville Suites - Apartamentos Metropolis se gana certificado de Tripadvisor

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Oasis Palace Julio 2012 Diario de Sevilla, 7th of July 2012

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Oasis Mansion Lisboa wins Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2012

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Featuring in KIT MAGAZINE in June 2012

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see the video about Malaga's finest places one on them the Oasis Lounge at the Oasis Malaga, Calle San Telmo 14

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Feb 14th 2012 This is a review in an ongoing series that highlights each hostel that Beth and Randy stayed in during Their Hazy Shade of Autumn Tour.

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Entrevista Jose Manuel Montalvo, Feb 14th 2012 nos cuenta qué proyectos profesionales tiene. Ahora, el ex concursante de Supervivientes está montando un negocio de coctelería en Málaga- el Oasis Lounge- que abre sus puertas el dia 16 de Febrero 2012 en el Oasis Backpackers' Hostel Málaga, Calle San Telmo 14.

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No 12 – Lisbon, Portugal. Its out-of-the-way location seems to keep tourism well below the levels that the city otherwise deserves, but those who go to the trouble to reach Lisbon will find an extremely handsome and charming city that is a great bargain as well. The city is particularly known for excellent and cheap hostels that are always in a race to outdo each other, with visitors being the ultimate winners.

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Possibly the best hostel I have ever stayed at is the Oasis Backpackers Palace Seville (not to be confused with Oasis Backpackers Hostel Seville which is also a really good hostel owned by the same company, but is not the hostel I am referring to here!) Either way, if you stay at either hostel you will be able to take part in their free walking tours of the city.

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Located in the heart of Granada's city center, The Oasis Backpacker's Hostel came highly recommended to me by Nellie, who runs the fabulous WildJunket blog. Although The Oasis benefits greatly from its location, which places it at walking distance from the majority of attractions, bars and restaurants in Granada, there is far more to love about this little gem of a hostel.

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Juan García Postigo, Míster España 2006 y Míster Mundo 2007 va a promover un nuevo concepto de negocio que va a venir primero a Málaga. Es un proyecto con la cadena Hostel Oasis. Vamos a montar un espacio de coctelería, copas, lujo y a un precio muy asequible. Serán en la calle San Telmo, en Cerrado de Calderón y en la calle Alcazabilla, donde estará el buque insignia de esta aventura profesional. Estoy muy ilusionado.

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As soon as I walked into "the Oasis Palace" I felt like I was staying in 5 star accommodation. Everything is spotlessly clean, the interior design was amazing, they had free wifi & free computers to use, a beautiful terrace area, a cool bar area, and a swimming pool! Oasis Hostels also regularly schedule live independent bands to play on their terrace areas, which is something I have never seen another hostel do before, and created some spectacular nights for the hostel guests while I was there!

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Oasis Seville Suites - Apartamentos Metropolis

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